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Me-time for the soul. Some time for me, at last

woman training at home

Have the last few months forced you to use your home as the primary location for both work and family? With no time left for yourself? People around the world are, on average, working longer hours than they did two years ago. This naturally has an impact on well-being with stress and exhaustion being the result. Do yourself a favour: take some me-time and treat yourself to something that’s been in short supply over the last few months - rest, mindfulness and relaxation. Be inspired by the products in the Lufthansa WorldShop. You can redeem your award miles to buy our exclusive brand highlights, or pay in euros to earn award miles on your purchases.

Start your day right

Before you start your daily routine in the morning by answering emails on your smartphone or talking to your team on the phone as soon as you wake up, unroll your Schildkröt yoga mat, and take a deep breathe. Treat yourself to a yoga session to open up both body and mind. You will notice how the energising combination of movement and deep breathing improves the oxygen supply to your body, stimulates blood circulation and immediately creates a better mood and enhanced concentration. Any kind of exercise helps - it can also be strength training or Pilates.


Green eating

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Have you ever tried a green smoothie instead of toast and marmalade? Smoothies are real nutrient bombs, and there’s a good reason why they’re a nutritional trend. They are rich in essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This super meal is perfect if you want to eat an alkaline or alkaline-surplus diet, as well as strengthen your immune system. Smoothies are easy to digest, support the body in detoxification and much more. All you need for preparing them is fruit and vegetables and the high-performance Pro stand mixer from the ZWILLING ENFINIGY® series. It is particularly robust and very powerful. It has integrated scales and its special blade ensures effortless, uniform chopping and the finest puréeing results. Perfect for your new morning routine.


Stay hydrated

It is important for your general well-being to drink enough water throughout the day. Lack of concentration, neck pain and headaches are signs that you have possibly not drunk enough water. To make it easier for you in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, place two bottles with a glass within easy reach every day (preferably right in front of you on your desk), and keep drinking throughout the day until both bottles are empty. In this way, you won’t wait until you feel thirsty, but by always having your water quota in front of you, you will automatically drink enough. To ensure that you always have water at home, use the aarke Carbonator III manual sparkling water maker. One cartridge produces up to 60 l of sparkling water. This saves you a trip to the supermarket.



fatboy armchair

Calm down

Sink majestically into serenity at the end of a strenuous day, and stretch out lazily in The BonBaron armchair by fatboy®. Two huge buttons give this feel-good armchair a very special look, and at the same time, hold the tension straps that help to adjust the backrest. Do you want to read a book while sitting or listen to music while lying down? No matter what, this super comfortable armchair is absolutely suitable for everyday use and ready to become your favourite place to be. Create a cosy atmosphere with the blomus lantern LITO L. It not only provides beautiful lighting effects, but also creates an idyllic atmosphere in your living space. The Sweet Jasmine scented candle from the Rituals Private Collection creates a warm and aromatic fragrance. Breathe in deeply and relax.


fatboy armchair

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