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Invest sustainably with Amundi

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What if you don’t only want to pursue your personal financial objectives when investing, but also want to make a contribution to the climate, nature and society while you’re at it? Let us show how you can strike a balance between the return on your investment and your desire to do good – and how you can earn up to 50,000 award miles at the same time. Investing your money responsibly pays. Amundi is just the right partner for you.

Amundi Ethical Fund – invest in line with ESG criteria

The Amundi Ethical Fund enables you to contribute to a better world with every euro you invest: investments are only made in stocks and bonds that meet the criteria of an ethically sustainable investment.


The abbreviation ESG stands for environmental issues (Environmental), social concerns (Social) and corporate aspects (Governance). As a first step, Amundi considers the following questions in this context:


Questions that address environmental issues :

  • How green are a company’s operations?
  • What is its CO2footprint?
  • How high is its potential for causing an environmental hazard?


Questions that address social concerns:

  • What are the working conditions like?
  • Are the wages that are paid fair?
  • What is the diversity in a company like, in terms of gender, ethnicity, disability?


Questions that address the corporate aspects:

  • What are the supervisory structures?
  • How is corruption dealt with?
  • What control processes are in place?


The UN’s 17 goals for sustainable development (Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs for short) also serve Amundi as a basis and reference for sustainable investments – for example, to identify the sectors in which money should be invested.

What is the selection process for stocks and bonds at Amundi?

Amundi’s ESG analysis covers around 11,000 issuers of shares and bonds. These are analysed by an internal team of specialists based on 36 criteria - including energy consumption, CO2emissions, workers’ rights and anti-corruption measures. In addition, Amundi uses the expertise of 14 renowned external data providers from the ESG sector.

What exactly does an Amundi Ethical Fund look like?

In the case of the Amundi Ethical Fund, a strict exclusion list supplements the ESG analysis described. For example, on the stocks and corporate bonds side, the fund excludes investments in nuclear energy, gambling, fracking and child labour, to name but a few. In the case of investments in government bonds, for example, the possession of nuclear weapons is one of the exclusion criteria.

Invest and earn miles

Our partner Amundi makes a responsible contribution with a clear ESG focus and offers, with the Amundi Ethical Fund, a sustainability fund that may be considered a pioneer in the field of ESG. The planet benefits from this approach, just as much as you do as an investor. As a Miles & More member, you earn 1 award mile for every 2 euros you invest with the Amundi Ethical Fund.


Good for you. Good for the world.

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