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A good resolution for 2021: to make optimum provision for the future

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More sports, healthy nutrition and achieving the next step up in your career: these are the classic new year’s resolutions. But perhaps “making better provision for the future” in terms of insurance and pension planning is also on your list for 2021. If not, you should certainly add it to the list - because you can even earn miles in the process.

Protection against every eventuality

It’s not easy to maintain an overview of your insurance policies and pension planning. But luckily there are partners that can help you keep control - CLARK, for example.


CLARK will bring clarity and transparency to your insurance portfolio and will analyse your existing policies for their potential for improvement and savings. In addition, their rates are compared with thousands of offers from over 160 insurance companies on the market. This means you will quickly get a clear picture of whether your policies are outdated or overpriced, and how much you spend on your insurance policies every year. You will automatically receive the result on your smartphone via push or messenger notification. Alternatively, you can also use CLARK on your home computer.

Providing for the future

There is a great deal of uncertainty around the important topic of pension planning and this affects everyone. However, there has not been a digital solution in Germany until now that can correctly forecast your net pension income in old age and develop a pension strategy in consultation with the user. In collaboration with experts in the field, CLARK has developed an algorithm that will forecast your net pension income using your current pension statements and asset information. Based on your desired income in old age, which can be easily saved in your personal pension cockpit, CLARK will calculate your current projected pension income and your pension gap (the difference between your desired pension income and projected income). Based on the results of the pension analysis, you can then close the pension gap together with CLARK’s experts.


Tip: with CLARK you earn 1,000 award miles for every additional insurance policy.

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