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A one-destination holiday: luxurious relaxation in one place

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2022 – this year, do you want to have your best trip ever and cross things off your bucket list? You’re not alone. After an interruption of almost two years, international travel is again on the rise. The most popular travel tips usually tend to be those for saving money on holiday. But not this year. Due to their travel shortfall, people are now willing to book more exclusive holidays. From now on, the rallying cry is: Just book it and relax twice over. The indulgence of doing nothing at all. A sun lounger, massage, delicious food and maybe an outing now and then. This new way of travelling and self-indulgence is called the “GOAT” (Greatest of All Trips) mentality. Find out here how you can also earn your miles by doing absolutely nothing.

Travelling in one place

Cruises are at the top of the list. The biggest advantage of this way of travelling is that you don’t have to worry about a thing. You simply choose your route and sit back – the cruise line and travel organiser will take care of everything else for you. Almost all cruise ships offer full board or all-inclusive, so your creature comforts are always taken care of. This way, you can completely de-stress on a long leisurely trip and don’t have to do anything but enjoy the anticipation until the journey begins. On a cruise you will experience maximum relaxation. You can see so much without having to constantly pack your bags. By taking your accommodation with you on your journey, so to speak, you can unpack once at the beginning of your holiday and pack again at the end, instead of doing it every other day or even every day. Make yourself comfortable in your cabin, settle in and enjoy discovering new cities and countries in comfort.

Travelling through the fjords of Norway

With kreuzfahrten.de, you can experience not only that but also the open sea. What about a trip to the north, for example? Experience the spectacular scenery and unspoilt nature of Norway: magnificent fjords, majestic mountains, thundering waterfalls, not to forget the mesmerising Northern Lights – depending on the time of year you travel. The routes to Norway all start at the port of Hamburg and then dock for the first time in Bergen, the city that lies nestled between seven mountains on the inner Byfjorden and which no one can overlook on voyages through the Nordland region. There are several powerful waterfalls to be found in Eidfjord, including Norway’s most famous, Vøringfossen. From there you travel back to Hamburg. The two longer Norway cruises take you from Bergen to Hellesylt and the Geiranger Fjord, which is simply breathtaking. Just the right surroundings to give you renewed strength and recharge your batteries for your return to everyday life. Enjoy yourself on board: with a relaxing massage in the wellness and spa area, sports in the gym with a view of the sea or simply with a good book in a deck chair. In the evenings, you will be treated to great live shows and your palate will delight in the great delicacies from around the world. Cast off!


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