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On your bucket list: dare to do a bungee jump

Editorial Writing Bungee Jump Bucket List

Is there anything you still absolutely must experience? What do you dream of, what do you still have on your personal bucket list? Would you like to climb a volcano, learn a new language or photograph wild animals on a safari in Africa? Or maybe it means a lot to you to support a social project?  You can soon cross one item off your bucket list: dare to do a bungee jump – while earning miles. Look forward to 1 award mile for every euro with our Online Shopping partner Jochen Schweizer.

Give yourself the gift of an experience

We encourage you to create moments you’ll never forget – to follow your own goals or to do something to help others. Give yourself a treat or give someone else a bungee jump from our Online Shopping partner Jochen Schweizer.

Earn miles in free fall

Earning miles by flying, but with a difference: You are stepping onto the jumping platform, your heart is beating ten to the dozen, your skin is tingling with excitement. You are ready for an authentic adrenalin rush. You take in the spectacular vista one last time and then dare to do the thing you have dreamed of for so long: you stretch out your arms in front of you and let yourself fall head first from the lofty heights down into the depths. At the bottom you feel a jerk and maybe you dive into the cool water for a brief moment (a "dip-in"), before flying upwards again.

Editorial Bungee Jump

Extreme sports from soaring heights

Bungee jumping is an extreme sport like ice climbing, skydiving and downhill biking. You can book all of these online and many more spine-tingling experiences and get the taste for them with Jochen Schweizer.


For example, you can go bungee jumping in Germany in Munich, Berlin or Hamburg. But Jochen Schweizer offers can be experienced from Austria to Malta. Depending upon the location, you jump from a crane or a bridge. You are attached to a stretchy rubber rope using professional equipment, with which you later plunge into the depths. An extra shot of endorphins is guaranteed.

Editorial Bungee Jump

Booking a date and earning miles

No matter whether you dare a 50 meter or 220 meter jump, the unique adrenalin rush is yours. You can choose the location and book a date on the Jochen Schweizer website. You will earn 1 award mile per euro spent in the process.


We hope you have great fun on this exciting adventure that will surely remain imprinted on your memory forever.

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