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Beard care and earning miles while travelling

Editorial Movember

How do you care for and style your 3-day beard, full beard or moustache properly? We have some important tips for you about facial care for men while travelling, and how to earn miles at the same time. 

Must-have item in your washbag: a razor

Did you know that different beard styles are recommended, depending on the shape of your face? For example, a 3-day beard is best suited to a square-shaped face

But no matter what type of beard you have, everyone needs one thing - even while travelling: a gentle shave with a high-quality razor. You’ll find one, for example, at our Online Shopping partner Media Markt and in the Lufthansa WorldShop - including, among others, the Philips Shaver Series 3000 Electric Razor. Choose the product that’s best for you and keep it with you in your washbag at all times.

You will earn valuable miles on every purchase when you shop at our Miles & More Online Shopping partners and in the Lufthansa WorldShop. You can also redeem your award miles at the Lufthansa WorldShop.

What you need on your travels when you’re sporting a beard


Depending on the local climate, your skin may need extra care on your travels, to ensure it receives an adequate supply of moisture. There are products for this purpose which you can order from our Online Shopping partner Biotherm . You will also find a stimulating and refreshing aftershave there to soothe your skin after shaving. In addition, you should drink sufficient fluids to care for your skin from the inside out.


What is essential at home should be continued on your travels: cleanse your skin thoroughly twice a day.

Trimming and shaving

Always keep your razor in your bag as a standard item - you already know this tip. But you should also stick to your usual beard-trimming routine, for example with the Philips OneBlade Pro QP6550/15 Face & Body Trimmer from the Lufthansa WorldShop.


Otherwise, you should always carry at least a pair of beard scissors and a comb in your suitcase. If you wish to complete your beard-care kit, take a look at our Online Shopping partner Rossmann.

About travel baggage When flying, please note the regulations of the airlines with regard to the carriage of razors and liquids. The permitted quantities are generally a maximum of 100 ml and up to 10 containers. Inform yourself beforehand.

Care and protection

Also consider using a beard oil. It’s good for looking after your beard, to keep it smooth and supple and protect it from drying out. Our Online Shopping partner Douglas, for example, offers a wide range of beard oils, as well as beard balms, serums and more.


And then you are ready to start your trip, sporting a stylish and well-maintained beard on your travels.