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Tips for sustainability and miles in your everyday life

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It’s often the small decisions that make a big difference. That is especially true when it comes to the topic of sustainability. Whether it’s to do with electricity providers, cosmetics or clothes: with these Miles & More partners you not only earn and redeem miles, you can also make a positive contribution towards a fairer and more resource-efficient world.

Tip 1: Fair fashion

Do you need a new item of clothing? You can also make a contribution towards sustainability here. When making a purchase, look for manufacturers that mention sustainable production and fair working conditions. With our Online Shopping partner Hessnatur you can also earn miles. That’s a win-win!

Tip 2: Pre-owned instead of new

Whether it’s clothing or electronics: buying pre-owned items is probably one of the best ways to add a little more sustainability to our everyday lives. That’s because far too many things are simply thrown away, even though they still look great and work perfectly. At our Online Shopping partner AfB Shop you can find used and fully reconditioned electronic products. That saves electricity and CO2, thus reducing the depletion of resources and prevents electronic waste on a global scale.

Tip 3: The right electricity

Energy transition is a major element of environmental strategies worldwide. It’s good that we can make this transition right now, even in the small things. Switching to a green energy provider is a wonderful contribution towards conserving resources and renewable energy generation. At our Online Shopping partner SimplyGreen you can source 100% green energy and earn up to 1,500 miles.

Tip 4: Upcycling

The internet is a source with thousands of tips showing you how to transform used items into something completely new. On a larger scale, upcycling can actually work with almost any object. In the Lufthansa WorldShop, the Lufthansa Upcycling Collection offers you furniture items and accessories for earning and redeeming miles which are made from legendary, decommissioned Lufthansa aircraft and from materials from the cabin . In April 2021 you can enjoy 20% mileage reduction with the promotional code "Upcycling 20" when you buy selected tables from the collection.

Tip 5: Offset CO2

You can also make your air travel more sustainable. It’s very simple to do in the Miles & More app: download the app in the App Store or Play Store and register. With the mindfulflyer function, you can offset the COemissions of your flights right away with your award miles and receive a virtual badge. You can also find more information about mindfulflyer here.