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Three simple tips for light summer cuisine

Editorial Leichte Sommerküche 2108 young man cutting vegetables

Is it the same for you? When the hot weather comes along, it’s the ideal time to cook something light and refreshing. In this article we give you three tips for light cuisine and carefree enjoyment, we also show you some practical kitchen aids - and, of course, explain how you can earn miles and spend them as well.

Tip 1: Grow your own fresh ingredients

Do you ever ask yourself how you could include the right amount of light, fresh items in your diet? For example, have you thought about setting up your own herb garden, or growing your own vegetables? Whether it’s on the balcony or in the garden - that way, you always have fresh ingredients at hand. And if it’s home-grown, you will feel inspired to make salads or other light dishes.


In the Lufthansa WorldShop you can find stylish raised beds - for example, the Bio Green CityJungle "Heidelberg" raised bed, which includes a trellis and a built-in water reservoir. Your allotment garden will almost take care of itself.

Tip 2: Use electrical kitchen aids

When the weather gets hot, that usually means: let’s go outside! It’s better to spend your time at the lake, or on your balcony or terrace instead of being in the kitchen for too long. There are lots of practical kitchen aids that make food preparation quick and easy, especially for cold culinary companions. To help you, we have put together a selection of kitchen accessories from the Lufthansa WorldShop, so you can grate, grind and slice the ingredients for your favourite dishes:



Our Online Shopping partner Kochform.de also offers high-quality kitchen tools and practical kitchen aids. With these sophisticated all-rounders, you are guaranteed to save a lot of time and effort.

Editorial Leichte Sommerküche 2108 vegetables on a wooden background

Tip 3: Buy groceries online

Just take a moment to lean back, relax and enjoy the nice weather. Because with light summer cuisine, you don’t even need to burden yourself with a trip to the supermarket. Some of our Online Shopping partners such as Dinnerly, myTime.de and GEFRO, deliver exactly what you need for a light meal to your home:


at our Online Shopping partner Dinnerly, you can order affordable boxes packed with fresh ingredients and simple recipes.

You may also choose to use an online supermarket for your food shopping, such as our Online Shopping partner myTime.de, a company which places a strong emphasis on service and product quality.


And finally, at GEFRO you not only find recipe ideas , but also lots of ingredients and dishes for your summer meals, such as soups, sauces and seasonings, which are almost all plant-based and thus especially wholesome.

Editorial Leichte Sommerküche 2108 vegetables on a wooden background

Earn and spend miles

Enjoy the summer, and with the help of fresh, wholesome meals you will make it through the hot weather feeling good and full of energy. With your purchases from our Online Shopping partners and in the Lufthansa WorldShop, you earn 1 award mile per EUR 1 spent. You can also spend your miles in the Lufthansa WorldShop.


We hope you have fun.