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See a runway show at Fashion Week in London

Clicking cameras, top designers, famous models and fashion’s dernier cri - that’s Fashion Week in London and a “must” for all fashionistas. Attend the fashion event in London, and be there live at one of the big four fashion weeks in the world on 17.9.2021 for 299,000 award miles per person with our event award.

In addition to the runway show, you can also expect a review of the designer collections, a champagne reception and a three-course lunch on the day.


Precautions will of course be taken to ensure that all official hygiene and distancing regulations are complied with throughout your visit.


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  • Official welcome at 11 a.m.
  • Introduction to Fashion Week in London
  • Runway show
  • Review of the designer collections 
  • Champagne reception
  • Three-course lunch
  • Photo service

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