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The digital identity with full data control: Verimi

Up to 750-M-

  • Centralised login for digital offers

  • Data storage in accordance with the highest security standards

  • Full user control over your stored data

With Verimi, you can log in securely with just one click, manage your personal data and control access to the internet.


Online payment and taking care of official business digitally will soon be among the options offered by your Verimi account. Use the easy and secure login that complies with European data privacy and security standards and earn miles with Verimi.

It works like this

  1. Register with Verimi

  2. Select Miles & More as your loyalty programme under ‘Fast access’

  3. Enter your Miles & More service card number

  4. Complete the address details in your Verimi account (date of birth, telephone number and complete address)

  5. Verify your identity using the Video Ident procedure

  6. The miles will then be credited to your account automatically

Terms and conditions for earning miles

  • As a Miles & More member, you will receive 250 award miles for registering on verimi.com and another 250 award miles for completing your address details (date of birth, telephone number and complete address) in your Verimi account. In addition, you will receive 250 award miles for verifying your identity using your identity document and the Video Ident procedure. For each of these steps, you will receive a one-off credit of 250 award miles.
  • Membership of the Miles & More rewards programme and recording your Miles & More service card number in your Verimi account under ‘Loyalty programmes’ are required for receiving a mileage credit. If you are not yet a Miles & More member, you can register as a member free of charge during the Verimi registration process or on www.miles-and-more.com.
  • The first 250 award miles will be credited within one week of registration and the corresponding recording of your service card number in the ‘Loyalty programmes’ section / Miles & More. The same applies to the additional steps for earning miles.
  • As a participant in the offer described here, Verimi will only identify you using your Miles & More service card number. Verimi will transmit the member details required for crediting miles to Miles & More so that your award miles can be credited.
  • Please also note the other Verimi terms and conditions of participation.

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