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Convert your Shell ClubSmart points and benefit

25% miles extra for Shell ClubSmart points

25% miles extra

  • Valid from 1. to 31.8.2019

  • Convert points into miles: from as little as 1,500 Shell ClubSmart points

  • 1.25-M- for 2 Shell ClubSmart points

  • Plus: up to 2-M- per euro when you pay with a German Miles & More credit card

A fuel stop at Shell will get you back on the road safely and relaxed, and fill up your mileage account at the same time: convert your earned Shell ClubSmart points for filling up at Shell into award miles from 1. to 31.8.2019 and earn 25% more miles.

It works like this

  1. Log in to shellsmart.com and select the option “Miles & More: convert 2 Shell ClubSmart points into 1 award mile”.

  2. Enter your Miles & More service card number, the number of Shell ClubSmart points to convert and then confirm.

  3. The award miles including the additional 25% miles will be credited to your account within 72 hours.

Terms and conditions

  • This offer is only valid in Germany and during the promotional period from 1. to 31.8.2019.
  • You will receive 1.25 award miles for every 2 Shell ClubSmart points you convert.
  • The conversion of Shell ClubSmart points into award miles is possible from as little as 1,500 Shell ClubSmart points.
  • A maximum of 50,000 Shell ClubSmart points can be converted into award miles per Shell ClubSmart member per day.
  • The maximum limit per Shell ClubSmart member per calendar year is 1,000,000 Shell ClubSmart points.
  • Miles & More credit card holders: simply pay your bill with your Miles & More credit card – and after 12 weeks at the latest the extra award miles for the amount paid will be credited to your mileage account. A registration with Shell ClubSmart is not required.