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b3 Propvest

Investing in property is more profitable than ever

Up to 10,000 -M- for your investment

Decide for yourself which properties should be included in your portfolio

New investment opportunities every month

Top returns with attractive dividends of 3-5% p.a.

Revolutionary easy access to property investments

Every property and contract is carefully examined by industry experts

With PROPVEST Select, you make your own individual selection from a range of new investment opportunities every month. You receive detailed information about every investment so that you can secure top returns. Invest at least EUR 500 now and, depending on the sum invested, get up to 10,000 award miles.

It works like this


Register for free with PROPVEST, select your preferred project and choose the amount you wish to invest.


Store your Miles & More service card number in your PROPVEST profile under “Personal details”.


The award miles will be credited to you automatically based on the sliding scale shown.

Terms and conditions

  • Award miles cannot be combined with other promotions and awards.
  • The offer for new customers in Germany is: EUR 500 or more = 250 award miles, EUR 2,500 or more = 2,500 award miles, EUR 5,000 or more = 5,000 award miles, EUR 7,500 or more = 7,500 award miles, and EUR 10,000 or more = 10,000 award miles.
  • Existing customers get 1,000 award miles for every EUR 2,000 they invest in a project, up to a maximum of 5,000 award miles.