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For even more freedom with your smartphone

Earn up to 30,000-M- with selected tariffs

Up to 30,000-M-

  • Valid from 1.11. to 30.11.2019

  • For the mobile/data tariffs O2 Free M/L, O2 Free Unlimited and O2 my Data M/L

  • And for the DSL tariffs O2 my Home L and the combi tariff O2 my All in One

  • We recommend: O2 Free M/L for 6 months for 0 euros with up to 30 GB data

  • Optional boost: double the data plus several SIM cards

  • Allnet Flat: flat-rate calls and texts to all German networks incl. EU roaming

Choose the smartphone tariff that meets your individual needs. Simply switch from 1. to 30.11.2019 and get up to 30,000 award miles.

It works like this

  1. Select the qualifying O2 tariff.

  2. Optional: get boost with connect option and double the data.

  3. Receive an automatic mileage credit.

Terms and conditions

  • This mileage offer only applies to new contracts with no monthly cancellation option and no handset.
  • Please note that miles are not credited for upgrades, switches and contract extensions.
  • Miles can only be earned for the following products: 6,000 miles for the O2 Free S and O2 Free S Boost tariffs. 30,000 miles for the the following tariffs O2 Free M, O2 Free M Boost, O2 Free L, O2 Free L Boost, O2 Free Unlimited, O2 my Data M, O2 my Data L, O2 my Home L, O2 my Office L and O2 my All in One.
  • When you switch to O2, you pay a basic fee of 0 euros for the first 6 months.
  • Offer valid for new customers in the first 6 months when you take out a minimum 24-month contract for an O2 Free S, S Boost, M, M Boost, L or L Boost mobile tariff.