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250-M- per night

  • Over 40 destinations

  • In Germany, Austria and Switzerland

  • Short holiday or business trip

Discover the H-Hotels.com hotels at more than 40 destinations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Your mileage account will fill itself while you’re sleeping at the hotels of the HYPERION Hotels, H4 Hotels, H2 Hotels and H+ Hotels brands. For every night spent at one of the participating hotels, you will receive 250 miles.

This is how to earn award miles with H-Hotels.com

Simply present your Miles & More service card at the hotel reception when checking out. The miles will be credited to your Miles & More account after check-out and payment.

Terms and conditions for earning miles

  • You can earn award miles at all the hotels listed on www.h-hotels.com.
  • The mileage is credited about two weeks after check-out and payment at the hotel.
  • Only miles for stays of Miles & More members will be credited. Miles cannot be earned for fellow travellers.
  • Stays paid for with gift cards are not eligible for earning award miles.

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