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Earn miles with our FinTech partners

FinTech companies are changing the financial sector. Companies that combine “financial services” with “technology" provide innovative online financial services. Their goal is to re-think financial and insurance operations and present them in a simple format. The focus here is on app- and web-based solutions.


You don’t have to be an IT specialist to use FinTechs. Quite the opposite: these companies make financial and insurance operations simpler and adapt them to modern day needs. This makes it possible to invest money within Europe or to manage insurance simply and easily with just a few clicks using an app, or as  a small investor, to invest in projects that usually require a high minimum investment.

It’s important to us that our partners fulfil the statutory security regulations. This means: depending on their category, our partners must be TÜV (German Technical Inspection Association) approved or their customers must be protected according to the European deposit guarantee.

Offers from our FinTech partners

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A little bit different: the mileage credit from DJE

You can find information about how mileage credit works in individual cases on the relevant offer page of the FinTech partner. However, mileage credit works a little differently with our partner DJE, so let us explain it briefly to you here:


buy DJE Kapital AG funds, as usual, through your bank or your independent investment advisor. Then have the security purchase in your securities account verified via the fund selection (you will find a direct link for this in the next section). The miles earned will then be credited to your account automatically. 



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