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Invest in property in a simple and direct way

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Up to 15,000-M- when you invest

  • Valid from 1.9. up to 31.10.2019

  • 500-M- for a deposit of 500 euros or more

  • 3,000-M- for a deposit of 2,500 euros

  • 7,000-M- for a deposit of 5,000 euros

  • 12,500-M- for a deposit of 7,500 euros

  • 15,000-M- for a deposit of 10,000 euros

With Exporo you can invest as little as 500 euros in property, simply, transparently and free of charge. Whether it’s an existing rental or new property project, as a new Exporo customer, you benefit from 4-6% interest and until 31.10.2019 earn up to 15,000 award miles, depending on the sum invested.

It works like this

  1. Register with Exporo free of charge, select your preferred project and invest the amount you wish.

  2. Store your Miles & More service card number in your Exporo profile under “Personal details”.

  3. The award miles will be credited to you automatically based on the sliding scale above.

Terms and conditions

  • Valid for new customers from 1.9. to 31.10.2019.
  • Miles will be credited on completion of a successful investment in a property project.
  • Minimum investment from 500 euros.
  • Award miles cannot be combined with other promotions and awards.