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Book business trips - simple and convenient

1,000-M- for bookings with Comtravo

Earn miles in addition to the regular Miles & More program

Get 1,000 for every 10th booking of flights, trains, hotels, or rental cars

Ideal for companies that want to use a complete business travel solution

Simplify the booking, management, and expensing of business trips with Comtravo

In addition to the award miles that Miles & More members can earn on their trips with Miles & More partners, Comtravo customers get 1,000 award miles for every 10th booked item per month (flight, hotel, rental car, train).

It works like this


Please register on MyComtravo.


Save your Miles & More service card number in MyComtravo.


Earn additional award miles for every 10th booked item when booking with Comtravo

Terms and conditions for earning miles

  • The offer applies to every 10th booked item that is booked for a business trip. The booking items are flights, trains, hotels, and rental cars, and they are all counted separately.
  • It’s not possible to claim miles retroactively.
    Earned award miles can only be credited after saving the Miles & More service card number to the traveler profile on the online platform MyComtravo.
  • Award miles are credited at the end of the month.
  • The terms and conditions of the Miles & More program and the Miles & More app apply.