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Invest sustainably and benefit twice over

A rewarding investment: earn double miles

Double miles for your investment

  • Valid from 1.9. up to 31.10.2019

  • Choose from 3 sustainable Amundi funds

  • 1-M- for every 1 euro investment volume

  • 2,000-M- extra exclusively for status members

  • 500-M- extra for holders of a Lufthansa Miles & More Credit Card

  • Earn up to 50,000-M-

Do you want to invest with a good conscience? Then the three sustainable funds, Amundi Ethik Fonds, Amundi Funds Global Ecology ESG and Amundi Responsible Investing Impact Green Bonds are the right choice for you. You will also earn 1 mile per 1 euro investment volume - maximum up to 50,000 miles.

It works like this

  1. Buy one of the Amundi funds listed above through your bank or your independent investment advisor.

  2. Have the securities purchase verified via the FinTech platform.

  3. Your miles will be credited automatically.

Terms and conditions

  • You earn 1 award mile for every 1 euro invested for an investment of 1,000 euros or more.
  • This offer applies exclusively to the Amundi Ethik Fonds, the Amundi Funds Global Ecology ESG and Amundi Responsible Investing Impact Green Bonds.
  • This promotional offer is valid from 1.9. to 31.10.2019 and can be activated by using the FinTech platform to verify the security purchase in your account. The selection requires that the securities account and the clearing account can be read with the same access data.
  • Alternatively, you can select the “Photo Credit” function under “More” and “Service & Support” in the Miles & More app. Here, you can photograph your Amundi Fund purchase statement directly or upload an existing image.
  • Exclusively for status members: you will earn an additional 2,000 award miles when you have your security purchase verified via the FinTech platform.
  • Exclusively for Miles & More Credit Card holders:  you earn an additional 500 award miles when you have your securities purchase verified via the FinTech platform.
  • Your miles will be credited after confirmation that your security has been purchased in accordance with the terms and conditions.
  • The security purchase may not be older than four weeks at the time of selecting the securities account and uploading the purchase statement. The basis for the mileage credit is the day of the security purchase and not the day the securities account is selected or uploaded.
  • If the Amundi fund shares are sold or given back within three months, the miles that have been credited will be back-posted.
  • This offer only applies to members who are resident in Germany and is limited to 50,000 award miles per Miles & More account and calendar year.
  • This offer cannot be combined with other promotions.
  • If there is suspicion that an individual member and/or a bank are making use of this promotion fraudulently, that member and/or bank (including all their customers) may be excluded.
  • The processing and saving of personal data, such as the person’s name, address and/or securities account number, are carried out exclusively for the purpose of the mileage credit and always in line with the EU GDPR and the German Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz ‑ BDSG). Your personal data will be deleted as soon as they are no longer needed.