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Get started cost-effectively with Amundi ETFs


1-M- for every 10 euros invested

  • Comprehensive range of ETFs

  • Very low ongoing costs

  • Benefit from the expertise of the European investment company no. 1 1

  • Simply buy an Amundi ETF – no matter which bank you choose

  • Have your securities purchase verified via the FinTech platform

Invest in cost-effective ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), such as the new Amundi Prime ETF range, for example, and benefit from the expertise of Europe’s largest investment company1. Invest at least 1,000 euros and secure 1 award mile for every 10 euros of investment assets.

It works like this

  1. Purchase Amundi ETFs through your bank or your independent investment adviser.

  2. Have the securities purchase verified via the FinTech platform.

  3. Your miles will be credited automatically.

Terms and conditions for earning miles

  • 1Europe’s investment company no. 1 in the IPE ranking “Top 400 Asset Managers”, published in June 2019 and based on assets managed as of December 2018.
  • You can claim this promotional offer by having the purchase of your securities verified via the FinTech platform here.
  • For an investment of 1,000 euros or more, you receive 1 award mile for every 10 euros invested.
  • The selection requires the securities account and the clearing account to be chosen with the same access details. Alternatively, you can photograph or upload your Amundi fund purchase statement in the Miles & More App under More > Service & Support > Photo credit.
  • Once you have completed the selection of your securities account or uploaded your proof of purchase, the miles will be credited to you within four weeks. You must select your securities account or upload your purchase invoice within four weeks of purchasing your chosen fund.
  • The funds purchased must be retained for at least three months. If the funds purchased are sold or returned within three months, the award miles credited will be reversed.
  • This offer only applies to members resident in Germany.
  • Independently from the promotion, members can earn a maximum 50,000 award miles with Amundi per calendar year.
  • This offer cannot be combined with other promotions. If there is suspicion that individual members and/or a bank are making use of the promotion fraudulently and/or are violating these promotional terms and conditions, these members and/or the bank (including all their customers) may be excluded from participation in this promotion.

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