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Find the perfect gift in the SWISS Shop Duty Free

Shop from 3,000-M-

  • Up to 60% off recommended retail prices

  • Problem-free exchanges if not satisfied

  • Pre-order products easily in advance

Enjoy the many benefits that the SWISS Shop Duty Free on board SWISS flights has to offer: attractive prices and a varied range – Swiss watches, the finest Swiss chocolate, elegant accessories, as well as seductive scents and cosmetic products. Up to 50% cheaper than the recommended retail price.

Browse through the SWISS Shop Duty Free catalogue during your flight. Or look for an offer that suits you before your journey even starts in the online edition. Order the duty free items of your choice conveniently at home and then take delivery of your purchases during your SWISS flight. You pay on board. You’ll find Duty Free pre-ordering here.

Two easy options to redeem miles at SWISS Shop Duty Free

You have the option of paying the full price for an article using only your award miles.
Or you can combine all payment methods using mixed payment:

  • Mixed payment is available from a redemption of 3,000 miles

  • Simply let the flight attendant know how many miles you want to redeem

  • Pay the outstanding amount with cash or credit card

Terms and conditions for redeeming miles

  • For terms and conditions please refer to page 110 in the SWISS Shop Duty Free catalogue.

Find out about all offers from SWISS Shop Duty Free here.

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