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Our new status programme launching on 1.1.2024

The switchover of our status programme is expected to take place for you from 31.12.2023, 6 p.m. (CET) to 2.1.2024, 6 p.m. (CET). You will therefore not be able to log in to miles-and-more.com or the Miles & More app. Learn more

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Status Stars - an award for long-standing frequent flyers

Audience attending a gala event – Status Stars: an award for long-standing frequent fliers

Frequent flyers of long-standing status membership receive a special award - the presentation of Status Stars. The number of stars is governed by the length of status membership. These stars adorn the Miles & More service card and bag tag of Frequent Travellers, Senators and HON Circle members.

As a Status Stars member, you receive exclusive offers on a monthly basis to top events including VIP experience packages in the most exciting cities. Travel, for example, to the Vienna Opera Ball, to Fashion Week in Paris or experience “Behind the scenes” tours at Airbus in Hamburg and Toulouse. These offers are especially tailored to this exclusive target group and can only be booked by Status Stars members.

Take a look in Status Management to see whether there’s an event offer currently available for you.


Your benefits

Members with a minimum of one Status Star are regularly given the opportunity to redeem their award miles for exclusive VIP events.

The offer is exclusively for Status Stars members.

As a general rule: the quicker you act the better, as the offer is always limited and very quickly booked out.

Your Status Stars have pride of place on your status card and bag tag.

How to get Status Stars

Status Stars cannot be earned with Miles & More partners, but are awarded in recognition of long-standing status membership. The longer you have had frequent flyer status, the more points you receive. As a Frequent Traveller, you receive one point per day, as a Senator, two points, and as a HON Circle Member, you get three points per day. The number of stars awarded is governed by the number of your points.


The stars have unlimited validity. If you lose your status temporarily, your stars will be shown again when you regain your status.


Number of Status Stars
Number of points
One star
From 5,000 points

Two stars

From 10,000 points

Three stars

From 15,000 points

Four stars

From 20,000 points

Five stars

From 25,000 points