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New look Bistro Lounge in a contemporary design at Frankfurt Airport

A completely new Bistro Lounge in the departure area of Terminal C at gates C14/15 has been inviting passengers to stay and relax since April. Stylish contemporary design is combined here with a cosy, welcoming ambiance. A wide selection of food and drinks and an absence of plastics are the hallmarks of the new concept.

New look Bistro Lounge in a contemporary design at Frankfurt Airport

The product management and infrastructure teams have developed a new concept under the slogan “At home with Lufthansa”, which combines the features of “simple”, “modular”, “convivial” and “informal”. This means that guests can choose to give their dishes their own finishing touches, with pancake toppings, fresh spreads and herbs, for example. Or they can simply take ready-made specialities from a display cabinet to their seat. Another new attraction is the “tea corner” with a large selection of teas. These are prepared using a hot water dispenser to bring out their full flavour and healthy goodness. Home-made is the description used for the new sugar-free power snacks, Asian ramen soups and a wide variety of bowls. And to reduce logistical and disposal costs, the new lounge does not use any plastics in the buffet and there are water dispensers available.


Of course, lounge guests departing from Gates C14 and C15 may also use priority boarding as usual to board their flight directly from the Bistro Lounge.