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Fly LOT on vacations to Spain

Visit the popular tourist destinations in the Balearic Islands – Ibiza or Mallorca

Mallorca 2107

Ibiza is small island which has plenty to show you on your holiday: beautiful beaches, enchanting countryside, history and culture. You will find beautiful white painted villages, each with their own ancient church. Wander through narrow lanes, browse the local shops and then enjoy a lazy lunch on a shady terrace.


Mallorca attracts all kinds of visitors. From those looking for a sun, sand and sea type of holiday to culture vultures, foodies, hardcore sportspeople or nature lovers – the island is the perfect destination. Half of Mallorca's population live in Palma, enjoying the island's best restaurants, shops and nightlife as well as a thriving arts scene and a lively cafe society. Picturesque narrow lanes play host to endless museums, palaces and exquisite courtyards all waiting to be explored.


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