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The Isler family’s Icelandic trip

The time had finally come: the Isler family from Switzerland made their dream come true thanks to Miles & More and travelled to Iceland.


The family had been through a difficult time following a cruel twist of fate: a few years ago their daughter, Andrina, fell ill with bone cancer. She had to pay frequent visits to the hospital and the family was often separated. During this time, they all had one source of strength in common: their Icelandic horse, Vinur.


After Andrina recovered, the parents and their three children had a special wish: to one day travel to Vinur’s homeland and explore Iceland. But their plans were continually pushed back due to travel restrictions.


Then, finally, the Isler family were able to say: here’s to a new start. Their dream of a trip to Iceland came true. 

The family flew with Edelweiss to Reykjavik, spent their first day in the capital and enjoyed an overnight stay with our partner Radisson Blu. In their Hertz rental car, they then visited the riding school and drove through South Iceland. The GetYourGuide tour along the “Golden Circle”, with a hike to the rim of a volcanic crater, was unforgettable.


Back home, they can now tell Vinur all about his homeland.

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The next wish: Ms Schwab does good in Ghana

Our third winning story has been chosen: Ms Schwab from Baden-Württemberg travels to Ghana to assist in a German-Ghanaian project of the Aminu Initiative and Cin Gaban Nima, which is funded by help alliance. The social project offers children and young people in Accra's poorest district protection and prospects.  However, in the last two years, she has been unable to put her plans into action. 


Now she is all the more delighted to make her dream come true and support young people.

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The New York trip by Charlotte and her mother Christine

Charlotte and her mother Christine also had to make up for lost time, because after Charlotte’s final exams were affected by Covid-19 restrictions, they had to cancel their long-planned trip, and then the catastrophic floods in Germany destroyed their home. 

But their biggest wish still came true, thanks to Miles & More: the two of them were able to experience New York together.