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Give the gift of a future through education

A modern training centre for young people is to be built in Togo thanks to your mileage donations.

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help alliance, the charitable aid organisation of the Lufthansa Group, is helping where help is needed. Togo is one of the poorest countries in the world. Although the economy is suffering from a shortage of skilled workers, young people are having difficulty finding an apprenticeship or a job. A third of young people are unemployed. Access to high-quality further education is scarce and expensive. Many school-leavers therefore cannot afford an apprenticeship or a degree.

The successful pilot project

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With the support of help alliance, 55 school-leavers have received training every year since 2018 as part of the pilot project “Providing prospects through bilingual education” in Lomé, the capital of Togo – for example in the fields of tailoring and accountancy. Leading the project was Blaise-Pascal d’Almeida, who until his retirement worked as an aircraft technician at Lufthansa CityLine. He says: “My cosmopolitan heart really wishes that many young people who are denied the opportunity of a good education in my country of birth, Togo, could also have the prospect of a career.” A special feature of the training is the bilingual aspect in German and French. This enables the students to become excellent cooperation partners for German companies on completing their studies and thus have better job opportunities. 

The construction of a new, modern training centre

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Until now, the youngsters have received training at different locations and sometimes with inadequate teaching materials. But that is all about to change with the “Modern training centre for a sustainable future” follow-up project. With the help of this project and Miles & More members, help alliance is seeking to continue the successful work in Lomé and create an international education and training centre equipped with modern teaching aids. The ceremonial foundation stone was laid in 2019, plans for a teaching and administration building as well as three workshops are already in place, and construction is scheduled to begin in early 2022. In addition to the young people who can look forward to gaining career prospects through the training centre, the region’s economy – and ultimately the entire population – are already benefiting from the fact that the construction project is being undertaken by local companies and workers.

A future full of opportunity

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Project leader Jean Adadevi, Senior Consultant Finance Solutions and Products, Lufthansa Systems,  says: “Education in all its forms is the key to eliminating global poverty.”

The new training centre in Togo is designed to offer around 100 disadvantaged school-leavers practical training every year from 2023 onwards. The focus of the courses will be on manual and agricultural jobs, such as mechanics, organic farming and food processing. This will give young people access to high-quality, modern vocational training, thereby improving their career prospects and freeing them from a life of poverty and unemployment. In addition, up to 100 trainers from regular training organisations are to be trained at the centre per year as part of a “train the trainer” programme. This will largely improve the overall quality of education in Togo in a sustainable way.


We will keep you regularly updated about the progress of the project on our website and across Miles & More media during the course of next year. Your mileage donations are helping to give many young people in Togo bright long-term prospects for the future.

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“Togo” in-app lucky draw

Various start-up companies have emerged from the pilot project. Coco Design is one of them. Coco Design uses and processes every part of the coconut: the flesh is turned into coconut oil, the shells into durable household items and the leftovers go into animal feed.
From 14.12.2021, we will be giving away five sets of three lovingly handcrafted decorative coconut bowls in our lucky draw on the Miles & More app.

helpalliance help alliance dezember togo schale