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Rent, drive off and arrive relaxed everywhere

Book a rental car and earn 4 times the miles

4 times the miles for a rental car

  • Booking period from 1.11. to 31.12.2019

  • Rental period from 1.11.2019 to 31.1.2020

  • 2,000-M- for every rental

  • Large selection of vehicles from the Hertz fleet

  • Vehicle group A is excluded

  • The minimum rental period is two days

Make the journey your destination. Driving with the right rental car is a pleasure and you’ll arrive relaxed wherever you go. Book your car with Hertz for at least two days from 1.11. to 31.12.2019 and earn 4 times the miles, equivalent to 2,000 award miles.

It works like this

  1. Book your rental car via this link.

  2. Enter your Miles & More service card number when booking and present it at the Hertz counter when picking up your car.

  3. The miles will be credited to your mileage account for a rental period of at least two days.

Terms and conditions

  • Booking period: from 1.11. to 31.12.2019.
  • Rental period: from 1.11.2019 to 31.1.2020.
  • Discount code CDP 646999 and promotional code PC 205500 must be quoted at the time of booking and are prefilled when you book using the link on this page.
  • Vehicle group A is excluded from this offer.
  • Hertz reserves the right to change or end this offer without notice.
  • Please quote your Miles & More service card number at the time of booking during the last booking step and present your service card at the Hertz counter when you pick up your car.
  • Hertz’s general rental terms and conditions apply to every rental in the respective rental country.
  • This offer cannot be combined with other offers, promotions or campaigns.
  • This offer is valid on rentals in the following countries: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain (continental), Denmark, Finland, France (continental), Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA, Canada and Italy.