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Create tailor-made tours with local travel agents

Earn 1-M- for 3 euro spent

160 destinations

8,000 tour itineraries to browse and customise

2,000 local agencies around the world

500,000 travellers to date and a 97% satisfaction rate

Get 1 for every 3 euro booking value on Evaneos

Evaneos is the leading online marketplace for tailor-made holidays, connecting travellers with more than 2,000 local travel agents who tailor trips to over 160 destinations worldwide. 500,000 travellers have planned their tailor-made trip to date and 97% are satisfied with the value proposition.

It works like this


Upon payment add your Miles & More service card number in the dedicated field.


Your miles will be credited automatically.

Terms and conditions for earning miles

  • Earn miles with every Evaneos booking.
  • Every 3 euro booking value is rewarded with 1 on your Miles & More account.
  • The offer is applicable to all destinations.
  • Find out more about Miles & More and Evaneos.