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Rebuild Check-in 1: Summer Reopening

Zurich Airport: Check-in 1 reopens for all SWISS guests.

SWISS check in 1 counters

From 27 March 2024, both Check-in 1 and Check-in 3 will be open again as usual for SWISS guests in all travel classes. The baggage facilities at Check-in 1 at Zurich Airport have been undergoing renovations since end of October 2023. This resulted in reduced operations at Check-in 1. SWISS Economy and Premium Economy guests were asked to drop off their baggage at Check-in 3. ​

Zurich Airport was able to carry out the first stage of the planned renovations to the baggage facilities as planned. The second stage of the renovation work will start end of October 2024, whereby part of Check-in 1 will once again be closed with reduced operations.