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Expert interview: what makes event awards so special

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You have been creating unforgettable memories with our event awards since May 2021. Miles & More opens the doors to exceptional and exclusive events that money can’t buy. Only your miles make it possible for you to participate in these special events.

We spoke to our event awards expert, Cornelia Sippel, who explained to us what makes this Miles & More programme so special.


Miles & More editor: Ms Sippel, what makes event awards so special ?


Cornelia Sippel: We make Miles & More members’ dreams come true, to put it simply. You know, we spend all day on the go, rushing around from A to B. This programme is designed to help us get away from it all and put our members centre stage. We want to help you fulfil your dreams , the kind of dreams you just can’t buy in a shop or online but only with miles.


Miles & More editor: Fascinating. So what exactly makes these events so exclusive ?


Cornelia Sippel: Have you ever been to a live ATP tennis tournament or met your favourite musician after a concert? It’s precisely moments like these that we aim to create for our Miles & More members.  Once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you’ll be talking about for a very long time. Especially because you simply can’t buy them anywhere. One good example is the exclusive private dance class in Vienna. Here you can prepare yourself for the 2023 ball season and learn the various waltz styles from Viennese dance professionals. The great thing about the dance school is that it is actually where the debutantes and actors of the Vienna Opera Ball are trained, which is a good sign. But this is just one event among many. Take a closer look on our Miles & More website under the "Events" tab. A new event is added every month.


Miles & More editor: Can you perhaps explain to us again how you can take part in these events?


Cornelia Sippel: It’s very simple. You find your dream event on our event awards page and complete the booking form to make a binding enquiry. Your booking request will be checked against the limited number of seats allocated and after a few days, you’ll receive a separate email containing your booking confirmation and all the necessary details. It is important to note that only award miles can be redeemed for each event award .


Miles & More editor: That sounds quick and easy. Can you also book several tickets at once or only one ticket per person?


Cornelia Sippel: You can always book up to four tickets – and even more on request. When you travel a lot, you’re often away from home for a long time. That’s why it would be a great shame if your loved ones couldn’t join you for these incredible experiences. Ultimately, it’s about making memories together – while recognising the importance of observing safe hygiene practices, of course.


Miles & More editor: That’s good to know. Which upcoming event would you recommend?


Cornelia Sippel: Once again, we are offering a wide range of new events. Our event highlights in October and December 2022 are now available for booking. Gain an exclusive insight into the world of the barista at the Dallmayr Academy in Munich, or enjoy a very special tour of the SINN Spezialuhren watchmaking facility in Frankfurt am Main. You can watch the experts at work and even have a try yourself.


Join a small group of like-minded enthusiasts, and enjoy stimulating conversations about coffee and watches. Round off a fascinating afternoon with some tasty delicacies and delicious drinks. It’s a comprehensive package. We always have a variety of exciting events online – just take a look at our list of event awards


Miles & More editor: We’re already huge fans. Thank you, Ms Sippel. To watch our event awards video, simply visit our YouTube channel or take a look here.