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Your exclusive gourmet day in Vienna at Europe’s largest wine cellar 

Enjoy the finest cuisine and wine culture with our event award for 79,000 award miles per person in a stylish setting at the heart of Vienna.
A talk about the wines and the history of the wine cellar awaits you on arrival. Highlights include a close look at some rarities and a spectacular wine-tasting session surrounded by medieval architecture (“Best Wine List in the World”). Afterwards, you can enjoy a gourmet meal paired with matching wines.

Precautions will of course be taken to ensure that all official hygiene and distancing rules are complied with throughout your stay.

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25.2.2022 (date to be confirmed)


  • Starts at 11:30 a.m. and ends around 4 p.m.
  • Welcome and reception by Gerhard Elze
  • Explore Europe’s largest wine cellar (60,000 bottles from four centuries)
  • Wine talk and tasting
  • Gourmet meal with a small group of other connoisseurs
  • Photo service
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