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Redeem your award miles for Wi-Fi on Lufthansa flights

From 1,000 -M-

Enjoy top-quality Wi-Fi

Work, browse and shop

Unlimited communication

Connect to wireless internet at an altitude of 10,000 metres. Chat on board, post status updates on Facebook, write emails or browse the internet – Lufthansa FlyNet® keeps you in touch with family, friends and colleagues on long-haul and selected short- and medium-haul Lufthansa flights.

So, whether you want to work or while away the time on the internet, the Wi-Fi service is available on board in the same way as via public hotspots. All long-haul aircraft are now equipped with Lufthansa FlyNet®, too.  FlyNet® is now also available on an ever growing number of flights within Europe and to and from North Africa and the Middle East.

So, whether you want to browse for fun or prefer to spend your time on board working, Lufthansa FlyNet® creates the ideal conditions for you. All you need is a device with Wi-Fi capability.


Here’s how to redeem miles for Wi-Fi on board:

In cooperation with Deutsche Telekom, Lufthansa offers you a choice of three different tariffs for accessing the internet. You can pay using any major credit card. You can also pay via PayPal. Miles & More members can also redeem award miles to use Lufthansa FlyNet®.

Simply select a tariff then enter your Miles & More service card number. Your miles will then be deducted from your Miles & More account.

Terms and conditions for redeeming miles

  • This offer applies without any fixed contractual obligation or term.
  • Alternatively, if you are a customer of Deutsche Telekom or one of its affiliated roaming partners, you can also log on easily and conveniently with your login details. Please request these login details before commencing your journey. Your internet use will then be charged in line with your service provider’s tariff.
  • If you have already booked a Hotspot Basic tariff as a Telekom landline or mobile phone customer, or your landline or mobile contract already includes hotspot access, you can also use your hotspot access details on board the aircraft.
  • Customers with Telekom hotspot access are charged an additional EUR 0.99 for every ten minutes of use on board the aircraft. With the Telekom Inflight Europa Flat tariff, you can surf for free.

Tariff options:

Lufthansa long-haul tariffs:

  • FlyNet® Chat: EUR 7 or 2,300 miles
  • FlyNet® Mail and Surf: EUR 17 or 5,500 miles
  • FlyNet® Mail and Surf Plus: EUR 29 or 9,500 miles


The FlyNet® Chat and FlyNet® Mail and Surf tariffs are valid on the flight on which they were purchased. The FlyNet® Mail and Surf Plus tariff is valid for 24 hours and can be used on any Lufthansa aircraft equipped with FlyNet®. It is especially suitable for passengers with connecting flights.



Lufthansa short-haul tariffs:

  • FlyNet® Message: EUR 3 or 1,000 miles
  • FlyNet® Surf: EUR 7 or 2,300 miles
  • FlyNet® Stream: EUR 12 or 4,000 miles


The tariffs are valid on the flight on which they were purchased.



Austrian Airlines short-haul tariffs:

  • myAustrian FlyNet® Message: EUR 3 or 1,000 miles
  • myAustrian FlyNet® Surf: EUR 7 or 2,300 miles
  • myAustrian FlyNet® Stream: EUR 12 or 4,000 miles


The tariffs are valid on the flight on which they were purchased.