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Easy parking at Vienna International Airport

16,000-M- for every 50 euro payment card

  • The Park & Fly payment card as a cashless payment method

  • Can be combined with other payment cards

  • Pay the difference in cash or with your credit card

The Park & Fly prepaid card lets you park quickly and easily at Vienna Airport. Order your prepaid card, put an equivalent value of 50 Euro on it, and you can say goodbye to fumbling in your pockets for change at the machine forever.


Exchange 16,000 award miles for uncomplicated parking, and leave your car at car park C, the short-term car parks K1, K2 or K3, or the multi-storey car parks 1, 3 or 4. Take a parking ticket on your arrival to show the time you first parked, then present this at the cashier’s desk or insert it in any of the automatic cash machines or at the exit itself when you return to Vienna. Then just insert your Park & Fly prepaid card – and the card pays your parking charges!

Terms and conditions for redeeming miles

  • The delivery time for this card is a minimum of 7 working days.
Click here to find the current parking charges at Vienna Airport.

Happy Parking

The Park & Fly debit card is a cash-free payment method with a value of € 50. If the card is lost, this is treated as equivalent to losing cash (i.e. a block cannot be placed on individual cards, and cards cannot be replaced free of charge if lost).

If your parking charges exceed the current value of your Park & Fly debit card, you can pay the difference by combining it with other debit cards, cash or a credit card.

If your Park & Fly debit card is not working properly, please go to the cash desk at Car Park 4 (Parkhaus 4) at Vienna Airport, or contact Flughafen Wien AG by telephone on +43 (0) 1 7007-22072. Alternatively, you can send the damaged debit card to the following address:

Flughafen Wien AG - Konsumentendienste, Parkierung, Postfach 1, 1300 Wien-Flughafen.

In this case, you will be sent a new Park & Fly debit card immediately.

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