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NFT trading card app goes live

Lufthansa Innovation Hub and Miles & More offer air travelers of Lufthansa Group Airlines a thrilling collecting experience with Uptrip app

Visual Uptrip App

Berlin and Frankfurt am Main, August 31, 2023 - Would you like an NFT to go with your flight? This scenario has become a reality thanks to Uptrip, a collaboration between the Lufthansa Innovation Hub and Miles & More. Now, Lufthansa Group Airlines passengers can scan their boarding pass in the app and exchange it for NFT trading cards. At the heart of Uptrip is the integration of Web3 technologies into the loyalty program, while gamification and entertainment elements make collecting cards a thrilling experience. Customers can store the NFTs in their very own crypto wallets. To provide the NFTs, Uptrip will utilize the Polygon proof-of-stake blockchain protocol.


The collectible cards complement existing Miles & More services and can be combined into different collections. Complete collections can be redeemed for rewards such as airport lounge access, flight upgrades, or for status and award miles. In this way, the app combines fun and attractive rewards with testing new, innovative technologies.


Uptrip introduces customers to new technologies and focuses on customer-centricity


"Web3 is in an early stage of development. Curiosity is high. But, we also encounter questions and hesitation – which is where Uptrip hits a nerve. We make it possible for people to access this new technology," says Kristian Weymar, Director New Business Lufthansa Innovation Hub.


"We are delighted to see so much interest in Uptrip. Gamification elements introduce participants to Web3 technologies such as NFTs in a fun way. Furthermore, we have managed to transfer the enthusiasm for collecting that people know from trading card booklets into a digital space," says Christopher Siegloch, Head of Program Development Miles & More. "Together with our customers, we are testing and developing another exciting feature in the Miles & More universe.”


Uptrip follows a minimum-viable product (MVP) approach and starts out as a bare bones version. It is continuously developed taking into account customer feedback as well as new innovations. Since the soft launch over 20,000 users have registered and over 200,000 trading cards have been issued.

With Uptrip, Miles & More reaches new members and deepens the relationship with existing ones. The gamification elements increase the stickiness of the product and lead to participants using the app again and again.'

Following the soft launch in spring 2023, Uptrip will move into the next phase. The launch of a marketplace is slated for the second half of the year. Customers can already exchange and sell their NFTs today on popular marketplaces. The Uptrip marketplace, however, will offer features and promotions geared toward the Uptrip NFTs. Plans are also underway to expand the range of available rewards.

Anyone interested can already download the Uptrip app from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. To learn more about the offer, go to: uptrip.app