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Highly varied route network for SWISS in winter 2023/24

SWISS's 2023/24 winter timetable boasts lots of attractive destinations. They will satisfy the desire to travel even in the colder months of the year, and promise to deliver special experiences.

SWISS 2307 News Winter Schedule

Historic sights, the Weser as a lifeline, and world famous thanks to the story of the Bremen Town Musicians, Bremen is one of the highlights in SWISS's 2023/24 winter flight schedule from Zurich. After a longer break, the Hanseatic city is finally back in the route network again. Another popular city that is also celebrating its return is Vienna. Other exciting destinations from Zurich are the ever-popular cities of Hamburg and Berlin, the Romanian capital Bucharest, and the Czech capital Prague.


And needless to say, the south is also a popular destination in winter. Lisbon in particular is much in demand. The vibrant Portuguese capital appeals for its pleasant temperatures and numerous sights. Examples include a ride on a historic tram, the impressive Ponte 25 de Abril bridge, and the Castelo de São Jorge. SWISS offers its guests a visit to Lisbon on any of 14 weekly flights departing from Zurich. 

The airline offers the same number of connections from Zurich to Dublin. The city in Ireland exudes a very special charm in winter, and the mercury rises higher than the season and geographical location would suggest.


For those who would prefer to travel a little further afield in winter, SWISS has numerous attractive travel options to choose from thanks to its expanded long-haul flight schedule with many additional frequencies. There are also additional connections to destinations including Miami, Shanghai, Singapore and Cairo. This winter, SWISS will be taking its guests to a total of 21 long-haul destinations.