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Can I have my miles credited retrospectively?

It is possible to process a retroactive mileage credit with Miles & More within six months of the date of the activity. With many partners you can arrange the credit using the relevant online form.

Can I transfer miles or earn them jointly with friends or family?

Mileage accounts are always individual and therefore you cannot transfer your miles to another member’s mileage account. However, you do have the option of redeeming awards for friends or acquaintances from your personal credit.

If you wish to earn miles jointly as a family or with friends, you have the option of creating a mileage pool consisting of up to 2 adults (aged 18 or older) and up to 5 children (aged between 2 and 17 years). The award miles of all pool members are combined in a virtual mileage account and all adults are entitled equally to use the mileage credit, manage the mileage pool and invite members. Children do not have access to the total of the pool miles; they can only access the miles they have earned independently themselves.


You can find further information on mileage pooling here

Can I exchange award miles for status miles?

You have several options for exchanging award miles for status miles. All members have the option connected with several Miles & More credit cards; Frequent Travellers can benefit from a mileage exchange as part of Miles & More Selections.

The following general conditions for credit card holders apply to exchanging award miles for status miles:


  • You can exchange between 5,000 and 25,000 award miles (not HON Circle miles) once per calendar year.
  • This applies to award miles that you received for credit card purchases in the current and previous calendar year.
  • Welcome, multiple and promotional miles etc. are excluded from the mileage exchange.
  • The ratio for exchanging award miles to status miles is 5:1.
  • Your exchanged miles will be credited to your mileage account as status miles for the current year, and the corresponding award miles will be deducted.
  • An exchange which has been validated cannot be reversed.

These country-specific rules also apply:


  • Germany:
    For holders of Lufthansa Miles & More Credit Cards issued by Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB):
    Award miles can only be exchanged by members resident in Germany and by holders of the Miles & More Gold Credit Card, the Lufthansa Frequent Traveller Credit Card or the Lufthansa Senator Credit Card. 


  • Italien:
    For holders of the UniCreditCard Miles & More issued by UniCredit:
    Award miles can only be exchanged by holders of the UniCreditCard Flexia Gold Miles & More and the UniCreditCard Business Miles & More.


  • Schweiz:
    For holders of the SWISS Miles & More Credit Card issued by Swisscard AECS GmbH:
    Award miles can only be exchanged by holders of the following products: SWISS Miles & More Classic Credit Card Duo, SWISS Miles & More Gold Credit Card Duo or SWISS Miles & More Platinum Credit Card Duo. Only one miles exchange is possible per Miles & More member per calendar year.


  • USA:
    For holders of the Miles & More® World Elite Mastercard® issued by Barclaycard®:
    Award miles can only be exchanged by holders of the Miles & More® World Elite Mastercard®.

  • Niederlande:
    For holders of the Miles & More Visa Gold Card issued by Qander Consumer Finance B.V.: Award miles can only be exchanged by holders of the Miles & More Visa Gold Card.

    You can exchange award miles for status miles here

All you need to know about eVouchers

An eVoucher is an electronic voucher for an upgrade. Once you have achieved Senator or HON Circle Member status, you receive two or six eVouchers which are each valid for 24 months.

Every time you extend your status, you receive the same number of eVouchers every two years. Please note that the relevant number of eVouchers is only credited to your account after your new Senator or HON Circle Member Card has been issued. They cannot be awarded sooner because you have already met all the conditions for retaining your status, for example.

You can redeem your eVouchers for flights with any Miles & More airline partner that offers upgrades (except Condor). The upgrades each apply to only one leg of the journey; not to outward and return flight.

There are various options for redeeming eVouchers in combination with a fully paid ticket (in certain booking classes):


  • Directly online when booking your upgrade award

  • By telephone via your Miles & More Service Team
  • At the check-in right at the airport

    eVouchers used are automatically deducted from your Miles & More account. Your upgrade is added to your flight booking electronically in the booking system. You do not require any additional flight documents for this.

How long are my Miles & More award miles valid for?

Award miles are valid for 36 months from the date of the activity and, unless they have been used, expire at the end of the quarter. We will inform you about mileage expiry in the following way:


  • The miles that are due to expire at the end of the current quarter and at the end of the following quarter are shown in your online statement.
  • You will receive a summary of all the miles that are due to expire at the end of the current quarter approximately two months in advance in your online newsletter, which you can subscribe to here.

    Example for clarity: you took a flight from Frankfurt to New York on 12.12.2016. The miles you earned for this flight will expire after 36 months at the end of the next quarter, so on 31.12.2019.

    Award miles do not expire for members who have reached Frequent Traveller, Senator or HON Circle Member status during the term of their status. Mileage expiry only becomes active again if the status is lost. Irrespective of whether they were earned before or during the term of that status, miles are valid from that point on for a further 36 months and then expire at the end of the quarter. 
In some countries you have the option of preventing mileage expiry with a Miles & More credit card under certain conditions.