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Experience the best service with regional flair

4-M- per euro spent or 250-M-

  • The regional wing of Singapore Airlines

  • Over 400 flights a week to 50 destinations in 16 countries

  • Highest level of comfort and the best service on board

  • Access to SilkAir Lounges

  • Wireless inflight entertainment

  • Various convenient check-in options

Fly SilkAir to cities in China, Indonesia, India and many other Asian countries. Enjoy excellent service while savouring local dishes paired with exquisite wines. With SilkAir, Asia’s most awarded regional airline, you earn a minimum of 4 award miles per 1 euro spent or at least 250 award miles.

It works like this

  1. Book a qualifying flight with SilkAir here.

  2. Quote your Miles & More service card number when booking or simply present it at the check-in desk.

  3. Your award miles will automatically be credited to your mileage account after your flight.

Terms & Conditions

  • Award miles cannot usually be earned on flight award tickets or on travel-industry discounted tickets (e. g. ID or AD). You can find further information about the booking class and distance miles in our Questions & Answers section.
  • Booking classes that aren’t listed are excluded from earning miles
  • You can only earn miles on scheduled flights operated by SilkAir.
  • The mileage credit is based on the mileage table of the airline concerned. There may therefore be slight differences between the booking class of the ticket you booked and the booking class required to earn miles.
  • Please keep your boarding pass and a copy of your ticket until your miles have been automatically credited.
  • Some flight numbers and booking classes do not qualify for earning miles.
  • Please also note our terms and conditions of participation.
  • Correct as at 11.10.2019


Information on earning miles

Award miles

The booking method selected is used to calculate the award miles.

Calculation based on the airfare1

For flight bookings via the booking channel of a Lufthansa Group Airline (Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian Airlines, Eurowings and Brussels Airlines), the following applies:

Award miles = airfare x 4 (or x 5 for members with frequent flyer status)

This method of calculation also applies to flight bookings made through a travel agency or online travel agency if the number of the ticket purchased starts with the following digits: 220 (Lufthansa), 724 (SWISS), 257 (Austrian Airlines), 082 (Brussels Airlines) or if it’s a ticket issued by the Eurowings airline. If you don’t know your ticket number, in most cases you will be able to find it in your confirmation e-mail or on your receipt.

Please note that the ticket price does not included payments for upgrades or for extra services such as seat allocation or excess baggage.

Calculation based on booking class system

If you book via the booking channel of another airline or through a travel agency or online travel agency and the first three digits of your ticket number are not 220 (Lufthansa), 724 (SWISS), 257 (Austrian Airlines), 082 (Brussels Airlines) and it is not a Eurowings airline ticket, the award miles will be calculated based on fixed mileage amounts or according to the flight distance and the booking class – see "status miles/booking class system".


Airfare = ticket price + supplements charged by the Miles & More partner airline

Status miles / Booking class system

On international flights the booking class and the mileage covered are determining factors.


Booking classes that aren’t listed are excluded from earning miles.

Worldwide flights from / to / between non-European destinations

Travel class Booking class Miles
Business Class Z, C, J 2,0 x distance; at least 1,000 miles  
Discounted Business Class
U 1,5 x distance; at least 750 miles
Highly Discounted Business Class
D 1,0 x distance; at least 750 miles
Economy Full Class Y 1,5 x distance; at least 750 miles
Discounted Economy Class B, E, H, M
1,0 x distance, at least 500 miles
Highly Discounted Economy Class
W, Q, N
0,5 x distance; at least 250 miles
Very Low Economy Class V, K 0,25 x distance; at least 250 miles

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