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The bonus programme with many partners: PAYBACK

1-M- on every PAYBACK point

  • Convert points into miles one for one

  • Flexibly and when needed

  • Reach your dream award faster

Still not enough miles for your dream award? Why not fill up your mileage account simply and flexibly with PAYBACK points as needed!


You can convert points one for one into award miles from as little as 200 PAYBACK points. PAYBACK points can be earned at numerous partners either in store or online.

It works like this

  1. If you haven’t registered with PAYBACK yet, register now.

  2. Using your PAYBACK card, earn points with all PAYBACK partners.

  3. Convert your PAYBACK points one for one into award miles as needed.

Terms and conditions for earning miles

  • This offer is only valid in Austria.
  • PAYBACK points can be converted into award miles from 200 PAYBACK points.

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