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CC AT austrian dinersclub vintage card Logo

Diners Club Vintage Card for private customers

6-M- per bonus point earned

Contactless payment

Free access to over 1,000 Diners Club Airport Lounges worldwide (1.5)

Austrian Airlines Business Class check-in in Austria

Fast Lane - faster security checks at Vienna Airport

As a Diners Club Vintage Card holder you are holding the perfect card for frequent flyers in your hand. In addition to the comprehensive insurance services and travel benefits, you can earn bonus points with every purchase, which you can easily exchange for award miles.

An overview of your benefits:

  • Annual fee of 140 euros3
  • 6 award miles for every bonus point collected (8 euros spent = 1 bonus point)
  • Free access to over 1,000 Diners Club Airport Lounges worldwide1.5
  • Free admission for you and your guests to the Diners Club Airport Lounges in Vienna1.5
  • Austrian Airlines Business Class check-in at all Austrian airports
  • Fast Lane - faster passage through security checks at Vienna Airport
  • NFC - pay up to €50 easily, swiftly and above all contactlessly without having to enter your PIN. Just hold your Diners Club Card in front of the card reader.
  • 10% reduction on Austrian Airlines in-flight purchases
  • Unlimited mileage validity2
  • Comprehensive insurance plan
  • Diners Club E-Account - online access to your up-to-date spending and account statements
  • Choose your own PIN for worldwide cash withdrawals

Card fees:

  • Annual fee of 140 euros3
  • Additional card for 70 euros per year
  • Settle your annual fee with miles4

The Diners Club Vintage Card is issued by card complete Service Bank AG.


The only condition is an annual expenditure of €3,600.00 within the last 365 days before visiting the lounge (total of the main and any additional cards), max. 24 visits p.a. (including guests); otherwise the current published fees will be charged.


Award miles have unlimited validity providing you have been a Miles & More credit card holder for at least three months and you make at least one qualifying purchase per month.


The annual fee will be charged annually 12 months in advance.


Would you like to use miles for the annual fee for your Austrian Airlines Miles & More credit card? Nothing could be simpler - just fill in the form.


The opportunity to access the airport lounges is a voluntary premium service provided by card complete Service Bank AG and this service is essentially dependent on the operators of the airport concerned.card complete Service Bank AG therefore reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of access and use of the airport lounges as a result of new laws, court rulings or changes in the competitive environment (particularly in the case of mergers involving our major competitors), or due to technical innovations. The services to be provided by card complete Service Bank AG are only likely to suffer minimal restrictions in the event of such a change and changes to the terms and conditions will only be made if this becomes necessary for the above-mentioned reasons or if it is no longer cost-effective to provide the voluntary premium service in the form originally described.