Earn valuable award miles for all your spending

The most enjoyable way to spend money!

Have you already experienced the fantastic benefits of the Miles & More programme? Are you aware of collecting additional award miles with the Miles & More Credit Card by Citibank to boost your mileage account? Just apply now and use the card for your day to day purchases and get 1 award mile for every 60 RUB*. Your miles won't expire** anymore with Miles & More Credit Card by Citibank - giving you the flexibility to redeem your miles at your convenience.

In addition you'll receive up to 5,000 award miles*** as a Welcome Bonus after your first purchase.

Miles & More

Miles & More Premium
Welcome miles
3,000 Miles
5,000 Miles
Award miles
1 mile for every 60 RUB spend 1 mile for every 60 RUB spend
Maximum credit limit 300,000 RUB 600,000 RUB

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Start earning your miles right now and discover new destinations!

* All transactions by primary or supplementary cardholder will qualify for credit of award miles, except cash advances, Citibank service fees, insurance premium and other payments under insurance programs offered through Citibank; money transfers of any kind, including those to online wallet accounts; unique/quasi-cash transactions; transactions identified by acquirer-assigned merchant category codes 4814, 4812, 4900 and 8999, and other transactions which do not represent payment for goods or services. If a payment for goods or services is reversed/charged back, the reward will not be awarded or, if already awarded, will be reduced by the transaction amount in the current and subsequent billing periods. The list of non-qualifying transactions may be changed at the discretion of Citibank.

** Provided you make a miles related purchase at least once a month (that is not returned or refunded) and have held the Miles & More Credit Card for at least 3 months. If one of the conditions is not met, the mileage expiration is reactivated and the miles will expire again according to the Miles & More terms and conditions.

*** Welcome miles will be credited after your first purchase made with the card: 3,000 award miles on the Miles & More Credit Card; 5,000 award miles on the Miles & More Premium Credit Card. No miles are awarded on an upgraded, reissued or reopened credit card.

Credit cards are issued at Citibank's discretion. The annual fee for Citibank's Miles & More credit card is RUB 950, Miles & More Premium — RUB 2,950. The interest rate is set individually in the amount of 22.9—32.9% per annum. The credit line is set individually: up to RUB 300,000 for standard cards, up to RUB 600,000 for premium cards. Credit repayment period is determined by the time of the claim. All terms of the agreement are published on www.citibank.ru. AO KB Citibank