1. Please have the following documents to hand

  • Miles & More card number and PIN of the member who is "paying for" the upgrade (the "sponsor")
  • The Miles & More card number of the passenger where this is not the same as the person paying for the flight
  • Ticket (paper or electronic)

2. Request upgrade

First enter all the relevant data for the person paying and the passenger. You can request an upgrade for up to four passengers.

In addition to these details, you need some further information that you will find on the air ticket you have bought.

Confirm your entries and initiate the process of requesting a price.

The flight you have booked is displayed on next page. You can now choose whether to pay for the upgrade with miles or eVouchers. You can then request the upgrade.

3. Perform upgrade

In the next step, the system shows whether the upgrade is available. Assuming that all the data is correct, you can now confirm your upgrade booking by selecting "Perform upgrade".