Use of your personal data within the Miles & More programme

We process and use your personal data within the Miles & More programme in order to

  • send you your Miles & More card as well as further information on the Miles & More program
  • inform you about any program enhancements or changes in good time
  • credit your accrued miles to your account
  • send you your Frequent Traveller, Senator or HON Circle card as soon as you fulfill the published criteria
  • check anytime whether you have received the correct amount of miles
  • verify whether the correct amount of miles have been deducted from your account when redeeming an award
  • make offers from the world of Miles & More that are tailored to your interests and needs
  • spare you of information irrelevant to you
  • spare you of having to provide the same information again and again wherever possible

Extent of data collection and data processing

Your personal data

In order to clearly identify you as a Miles & More member and communicate with you as described above, we need a few items of personal data from you. This data is requested when you enrol and consists of your last name, first name, gender, address, date of birth, e-mail address and phone number. In addition, you may also disclose further information on a voluntary basis, for example, a mobile phone number, your preferred correspondence language, your preferred seat and any special menu requirements. You may also agree when you enrol to receive information and the latest offers from Lufthansa, MMG, its co-publishers and Miles & More partner companies by e-mail. You can withdraw this consent at any time online, at the Miles & More Service Centre or by contacting the Group Data Protection Officer of Deutsche Lufthansa AG directly. You can also veto the use of your postal address for advertising purposes there.

Programme data

Every time you accrue miles within the Miles & More program the so-called program data is registered and recorded with Lufthansa and MMG. The program data is required for the management of your personal Miles & More account as well as the personalized correspondence mentioned above. When accruing miles, the program data contains all information needed to properly designate the mileage credit, such as e.g. flight segment, flight date, flight number, operating carrier and booking class. When redeeming an award, all relevant booking data is registered, e.g. flight segment and flight date in the case of a flight award, etc.. By recording the data it is possible to guarantee proper tracking of all account movements, detailed responses to inquiries and efficient handling of possible complaints.

Joint operators, partners

The operators of the Miles & More programme is are Deutsche Lufthansa AGand MMG. In certain countries,

  • Adria Airways
  • Air Dolomiti
  • Austrian Airlines
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Croatia Airlines
  • LOT Polish Airlines
  • Luxair
  • Swiss International Air Lines

are co-publishers of the programme.

If your place of residence is in the home market of a joint operator your personal data will be transmitted to the according partner. The same applies to flights with the corresponding airline. In line with your consent, this data may be analyzed and used by a joint operator of the program for the purposes mentioned above.

The Deutsche Lufthansa AG and MMG shall only exchange data with other Miles & More partner companies if necessary for the crediting of miles in partner systems.

As a basic principle, non-airline partner companies (e.g. car rental companies, hotels) do not receive any data from the Miles & More program. However, Lufthansa and MMG may provide address data for advertising promotions provided that you have not objected this usage. The promotions are handled via service providers (mailing houses) so that no data is transmitted to the partner companies themselves.

Miles & More Credit Card

If you apply for a Miles & More Credit Card, the card issuer (e.g. in Germany this is Deutsche Kreditbank AG) will require some personal data such as your occupation, marital status, income etc. This data will not be passed on to Lufthansa, MMG or to any of the co-publishers.


We can give you the option of giving us separate consent regarding your receiving

  • information from us about your mileage balance and our Miles & More Newsletter
  • for the combined offers we have put together for you to earn and redeem miles in exchange for services from operators, joint operators and Miles & More partner companies,
  • for the compiled information we have put together for you about Lufthansa’s services and products and our airline partners.

This kind of consent can be granted by you, for example, in your application on our website to participate in Miles & More, or in a Miles & More communication medium or another advertising medium.

If you have given us consent, we can assess your master data in order to provide you with personalised information which is relevant to you and tailor-made for your interests. We will only collect, process and use other personal details from other sources – such as websites operated by third parties – for the compilation of personalised information if you have given the corresponding consent to the respective third party to do so.

You can adapt your communication settings in your customer profile at or revoke your consent either partly or in full to Miles & More GmbH (e.g. with the Miles & More Service Center, in writing to the address given in our website imprint, or to the firm’s data protection officer (contact details provided at the end of this data protection policy statement). Please note that should you revoke your consent, you will not receive any further information from us (with the exception of information of legal relevance to the Miles & More programme), and you will have to inform yourself about your mileage account balance (including early warnings of mileage expiration).

Miles & More website, app and communication media

More information about the treatment of (personal) data collected via our website, app or our online communication media can be found in the separate data protection policies for the website, app and communication media.

Access, rectification

Upon request, we are happy to inform you whether your personal details have been saved and, if so, which ones. If, despite our best efforts to ensure that the data saved is accurate and up-to-date, incorrect information is stored, we will correct it at your request. In your customer profile on our website, you can check the current status of the majority of your master data yourself. Please update your personal details immediately after any changes occur (e.g. your postal address, email address or telephone number).

Data security

We use technical and organisational security measures to protect your data that we process against accidental or deliberate manipulation, loss, deletion or access by unauthorised persons. Our security measures are being improved continuously as new technology develops.

We store your personal details on servers in Germany, in a European Union member state or in states which are party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. When services are used, personal details can also be communicated to other countries, having taken into consideration the data protection regulations applicable.


We check these data protection policies regularly and we will update these as necessary. Where there are significant changes made to these data protection policies, we will inform you (for example on our website or in our app).

Data protection officers

The Lufthansa group data protection officer is also the data protection officer for Miles & More GmbH. If you have questions about data protection at Miles & More, please contact Dr. Barbara Kirchberg-Lennartz (e.g. by post: Group data protection officer, FRA RD, 60546 Frankfurt/Main or by email