500 miles for each stay

Earn 500 miles every time you stay at a Lindner hotel or resort. Lindner offers you selected health & beauty and business packages in a uniquely personal atmosphere

How to earn award miles at Lindner hotels & resorts

Simply present your Miles & More card at the check-in. Earn 500 miles for each stay. This offer applies worldwide.

These are the participating Lindner hotels and resorts

Lindner Golf & Wellness Resort, Portals Nous, Mallorca

Seductive variety at Lindner

Let your hair down, release the inner tiger in you and just surface in your dream destination away from or in the middle of the city. Make the most of excitement and relaxation tailor-made for you – this is a Lindner Hotels & Resorts holiday break!

At Lindner, individuality and the well-being of our guests are the top priority, for here you are in your element!

Lindner Hotels & Resorts is able to meet your quite personal expectations, thanks to the seductive variety that it offers.

Terms and conditions

  • The offer applies to all overnight rates except where otherwise stated.
  • The Miles & More card must be presented on arrival.
  • Guests must settle their bills directly at the hotel on departure.
  • Miles are credited for each stay. A stay is defined as one or more consecutive nights in the same hotel.
  • Miles cannot be earned for group bookings, crew rates and bookings through travel agents with vouchers.
  • It is not possible to combine miles from more than one frequent flyer programme or Lindner Nights points.
  • Subject to changes.

Visit www.lindner.de for more information.

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