As from end March, Brussels Airlines will increase the number of flights between Brussels and several African destinations to better serve the needs of its passengers.

Passengers connecting between Brussels and Kinshasa will continue to enjoy daily flights, with the option of connecting directly instead of transferring in Cameroon. There will be 4 direct flights weekly from Brussels to Kinshasa and 6 direct flights weekly from Kinshasa to Brussels.

There will also be daily connections between Brussels and Cameroon. There will be 6 flights weekly between the Belgian capital and the Cameroonian capital, Yaoundé,while flights between Brussels and Douala will be increased to 7 weekly.

In addition, both Nairobi and Bujumbura will have an additional flight weekly. There will be 4 flights weekly between Brussels and Nairobi, while flights between Brussels and Bujumbura will be increased to 3 weekly.

And passengers can also look forward to daily flights between Brussels and Abidjan.

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